Welcome to the official site of Ice That Burns!

ITB (Ice That Burns) is a rock/metal music project from sunny ol' England. ITB also produces techno/dance tracks, for the love of the thump! Yes, you've guessed it, there'll be two albums released in the next few months!

This is the pre-album launch version of the site, where you'll find all the latest happenings regarding the production stages of the albums and videos. There will also be some music clips later down the line, giving you a little taste of things to come.

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Personal Message from ITB

The dawn of the albums is approaching, and we hope to see you join in with the fun!

We're looking forward to some stimulating chit-chat (but we do appreciate the occasional naughty joke), so don't be shy ;). So come on over and let's rock and roll!

See you on the flip-flop!