All the latest goss concerning the albums and videos.

6th September 2011 -|- Videos Postponed Until After Album Releases


Who would have thought that working on two albums, cover art, two music videos, and a website would take up so much time? Sleep also has to fit in there somewhere. At least, I think sleeping is what "normal" people are supposed to do. Anyway...

During the past couple of weeks, it's slowly been dawning that, in order to get everything done, the albums would be released some time early next year! So, a decision has been made to postpone the videos until after the albums have been released. This will allow for more time in the studio to get down and dirty with the albums - something Ice That Burns is best at. ;)

So, postponing the videos is a good thing. It means that the albums will be released on time. Just to mention; a specific release date is not yet known, but you can expect something around november - december.

Rock on!


29th August 2011 -|- Heartbeat

Hey there!

As promised Ice That Burns is sharing a pre-release version of a track from the upcoming techno album, Bounce. If you like it, give us a holla on Facebook or Twitter.

More groovy stuff to come soon!


22nd August 2011 -|- The Price is Right

Hello all!

There was a sudden surge of inspiration the other day, and I felt like a giggle, and thus created a little musical piece (above) in honour of a very talented and lovely guy called Andrew Price.

Andrew Price creates tutorials for an open source 3D program called Blender. I started following his tutorials about a year and a half ago. His great results spurred me on to learn Blender. His relaxed approach and informative tutorials enticed me back to his resources time and time again.

He's a great guy and a great inspiration. You should also know he has a thing for vignettes! ;)

Andrew Price - Blender Guru
Blender Website -


16th August 2011 -|- Something This Way Bounces

Well, Well!

Things are certainly coming together pretty well, and pretty quickly! As previously mentioned, there'll be a sneak peek into the albums coming your way. Fasten your seatbelts, there could be a track out as early as next week! It'll be a track featured on the techno/dance album, Bounce, and I'm sure you'll like it. It's had me bouncing in my seat all day.

These past couple of days have been very productive, as predicted, so as long as this pace is kept up things should all be good. The past two days have been mainly given to working on 'Bounce', so the speakers have been pumping away for hours. Not a bad way to spend the day I guess.

Tomorrow will probably be much of the same, while fitting in some time to finish all the lyrics. Once the lyrics are finalised, work on the final composition of the music can begin. Then it's just a case of recording and mastering!

There's still some more work to be done with regards to the artwork, as well as the videos. That wont be a problem though, as the ideas stage is pretty much over - so now the artwork just needs to be created.

Not so long to go now!


15th August 2011 -|- Refreshed and Ready to Rock!

How do!

We took a week off to recharge our batteries ready for the final jump at everything. We're a little behind schedule now because the week off wasn't planned, but it was needed! We'll just have to work that much harder to catch up and make sure everything is on track. I guess it could be better this way - less time to quibble over ideas and just get it all done.

For me, last week was about clearing my head so I could come back to everything with fresh eyes. So I ended up getting some beers in, playing games, and watching some YouTube videos. I know I could have spent the week doing something better, but I'll leave that until after the albums are released.

Things have actually become busier now. You're probably wondering how that could be, seeing as we're working on two albums, artwork, possibly two music videos, and the website. Well, Ice That Burns might be doing some music work for a prospective client. So the studio is a little busier now while working on ideas. There are not enough hours in the day!

I'm expecting some all-nighters over the next few weeks, but that's fine - I'm used to those. Even with the extra work to do, I have faith in meeting the deadline for the albums. I quite like a challenge anyway!

Rock on!


3rd August 2011 -|- The Sound of a Dream Approaching Reality

Hello there!

Things are starting to sound pretty good in the studio, if I do say so myself. The bass is kickin' in the techno channels and melodies are flying everywhere!

Ideas and suggestions are starting to float around about making a video for one of the featured tracks on 'Bounce'. We have our work cut out for us already, but why not! On that subject, work on the cover art for 'Bounce' will start tomorrow. It's all getting exciting!

Concerning 'Soul Chronicles', two of the songs should be pretty much mixed and ready for vocals by friday. Next week will be the recording of the vocals. The aim is to have both albums fully mixed within six weeks, then start the mastering. We'll see how that goes!

It's all great fun but it can be quite tiring. At least I get a day off on saturday! =D

Lovin' it!


30th July 2011 -|- More Work and ...more Work!

Hey guys!

Big day today! I'll be checking up on the distribution company, seeing if everything is going according to plan and ready to rock and roll when the time comes. I'll also be checking up on radio plays, making sure that's all up to speed as well. Then, more work on the video and such.

First thing's first though - breakfast! Can't do much good on an empty stomach. Feed the body - feed the mind, and all that jazz. I think a big English breakfast will do me fine.

It's quite a nice looking day, again, so I think I'll grab a pencil and some paper and squeeze in time to scribble down lyrics in the sunshine. Who writes with a pencil, you may ask? I do. It has a better texture and feel to it than writing with a pen, I feel anyway.

So, onwards and upwards!


27th July 2011 -|- The Pre-Launch and Stuff


The pre-launch site is up, Twittering will be happening shortly, and the studio has never been so busy!

Always writing, always sketching, always working on the video, but it's still fun! =D

If you're curious about the music video, which of course you are, it'll be a 3D animated music video created entirely in Blender. Some post-production editing will be done in Premiere, but 95% of it will come from Blender magic.

The video is in pre-production, as are the albums, but everything is looking good. With half of the storyboarding complete, the intro animatics have already been rendered and look pretty cool. The rest of the storyboard will be completed by the end of this week, as will the rest of the animatics. Then, next week will be the start of the modeling process and finishing up the lyrics and music for the rest of the songs.

All work and no play makes ITB a ...success, hopefully! =D

Ciao for now,